Mary Jane’s Ride or Die

I was always told “pot will get you no where”, “weeds dangerous”, a “gateway drug” that’s always the downfall in someone’s story. If I told my parents I smoked weed the whole way through college and that I’ve been using it medicinally for the past few years, surely they wouldn’t know how to feel. I’ve been smoking weed for a little over 10 years now. They grew up where a plant was the target of the “war on drugs” that put millions of bipoc men in jail (because of the illicit market the government created, but they’re definitely not ready for that yet.) Dope is bad. Only thugs smoke weed. It’s illegal & it’s drug abuse.

I’m here to let those who are seeking a different solution to relief in their life know that there could be a better, more natural option now becoming available in Virginia. After dealing with physical and emotional trauma growing up, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder later in my teens/early 20s. Right as I was putting myself through college and working three jobs. As if working through crippling anxiety wasn’t tiring mentally and physically enough, trying to source my cannabis through sketchy characters in sketchy parts of town sucked even more. It was this or the major depression/anti-anxiety ssri medication that I couldn’t sleep or eat on so I definitely wasn’t going back that.

Cannabis helped though. Cannabis would get me out the door most days. It would keep me going, sometimes. Having unregulated botanical cannabis through the illicit market means I don’t know what I’m getting. Sativa, indica, hybrid? I learned there’s a learning curve with every new bag. Is it a before class toke or a bedtime snack? It wasn’t until I visited Colorado and Seattle that I learned I love a sativa during the day/midday and if I do hit an indica, its the last thing I do before bed. I realized that I could really manage my anxiety, my life with just the right strain of flower.

I registered for my medical marijuana license this summer. I registered with the first dispensary opening in the state this past week. Hopefully in a few weeks time I will be using my medical cannabis. This is my personal project to document my journey from the illicit market to legal cannabis market in VA and how this plant will be a major influence to my future and the future of many. I’ll be reading books from the endocannabinoid system to cannabis etiquette to justice reform. I’m encouraging an open conversation so we can share stories and learn from each other, so reach out!

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