How To Get Your Medical Marijuana License in VA

Hello fellow Virginians! Magandang umaga, good morning. I’ve been struggling with how to start this blog, but I figure it’s best to start from the beginning and before we dive in I just wanted to talk about some judgements. If you’re here I’m assuming you’re interested in medical marijuana and maybe, just like me you have some reservations about going further down this route. Remember that this license just gives you the option, the opportunity, to search for an alternative to whatever treatment you’re going through now. Also, remember if you’re not a smoker that there are different methods and different strengths in your new medicine. As I truly believe in this miracle plant as a solution to many pharmaceutical drugs, remember just like with regular medication there’s a learning curve to this too and it might take a few tries to find the right product.

So you’ve decided to go through with it, now what? Before anything, I’d look up the “cons” to getting a license. There are certain things you can’t do once you have your MMJ license like purchasing a gun and holding a government job. Although I have hopes that the latter will change once they deschedule marijuana federally, who knows what’s going to happen. If these are things that are detrimental not to have access to, I’d think long and hard before continuing. Take some time to see what you can and cannot do with a MMJ license.

Okay, okay now that you’re really ready to apply the first thing you’ll have to do is get a doctor’s recommendation. The consultation itself is lowkey kinda steep. $100-200 depending on who you choose. Not any doctor can make the recommendation, visit to find a one. Many, if not all, are offering telehealth appointments as well!

After you have your consultation and receive your recommendation it’s a $50 application fee to file your license with the VA Board of Pharmacy. After that they send it to you in the mail! What I said to some friends was that I, myself, was stressin’ the consultation but it’s literally nothing. You’re not being forced to tell a doctor that you’re a drug abusing pothead asking for a license to use drugs. You’re just asking a doctor for access to try cannabis as a medicine. The doctors off of the VANorml website specifically applied to be able to make the recommendation to the board, so they’re cool!

NOTE: Be sure to keep any and all documentation that has to do with your medical cannabis card. You’ll need a photo ID, your *current* certification from your doctor and your actual license from the VA Board of Pharmacy for when you register at the dispensaries. ALSO, you can register as a patient at any/all dispensaries in VA.

It’s so amazing to be able to help people go down this route. I’ve also been getting into the endocannabinoid system (slowly) getting through the book but little articles like this one, , makes it so much easier to understand how cannabis works in the body!

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