I’m a sativa heavy hybrid type of gal

Admittedly, I’ve been pretty horrible at updating/documenting any of all the ginormous changes lately. The medical dispensaries opening right around the holiday’s has been great for the holiday blues but the same holiday blues had me procrastinating any real progress on here. So here, in print, is my promise to do better 2021.

In 2020, since publishing this blog I have helped about a handful of people in my life register or at least become aware of the medical cannabis scene in VA. If you’ve been meaning to reach out, but haven’t, please do! The first thing I tell everyone though is to look up the ‘cons’ of getting a card i.e. not holding a federal govt job, not owning a gun.

Around Thanksgiving last year, I was able to make it to gLeaf’s soft opening in Richmond! Glad I’m did as the law currently states that the patients first visit to a medical dispensary has to be in person but after that they qualify for delivery programs. I’ve been over the moon with the products I’ve received from them and the service! Before them Dharma in Bristol opened as VA’s first medical marijuana dispensary, then gLeaf in Richmond, and just recently Columbia Care in Portsmouth has just opened. Options! Although the prices are still ~astronomically~ high, I’m hopeful the new year will come with equitable access legislation.

Before I get into my very amateur product reviews of the cartridges I’ve bought, I wanted to bring a small light to something I’ve realized.

I’ve upped my cannabis use but have been more responsible with it since gLeaf opened around Thanksgiving. This holiday season has been very hard for me and my family as I lost a very close friend to suicide this past year and my dad has been recovering from a massive stroke on the 23rd of December in 2019 and then the covid-19 pandemic hit. I have felt a bit unhinged for a while now and having to force everything down to be able to be the leader I’m supposed to be at work has been incredibly difficult.

As I find myself tearing myself apart and losing my mind at the end, beginning, sometimes middle of the day, I had to stop and ask myself if the increased cannabis use is helping me? Truthfully, I believe it is. I think I’d feel horrible this time of year regardless and if I wanted to get help for it another doctor would just push me another prescription. A pill to numb things that could potentially turn me into a monster (again). Whereas I might be crying a lot now but at least the weed can help soothe my pains as I try and work my shit out (w the help of Betterhelp). That’s the biggest thing for me right now. People (I) need to work shit out vs thinking everything will be perfect all the time.

thats all for now folks/endrant

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