If we want to put labels on it – I’m 26 years old and a first generation Filipino-American in Virginia. I am the youngest of four with three older brothers. I have my bachelors in Business Admin/Accounting. I’m the general manager of a fast, casual restaurant in Ghent. I say all that to diminish the “lazy pot head” narrative. I’ve recently started acrylic fluid painting and I’ve always been an advocate for cannabis.

I advocate for access to medical cannabis and for the reform of cannabis legislation because I attribute many of my “successes” to being able to self medicate at a time when it was highly illegal all over the country. Like many, I grew up hiding my cannabis use. I’ve been waiting for this time in history to finally be able to come out and say, “HA!” to mom & dad. Show them that not all potheads are lazy and dumb. That dad was on to something all those years ago when he was smoking on the streets of Chicago. That this miraculous plant is part of the future.

This blog is to document all the new things to come in Virginia as the first dispensaries open and legislation begins to change. I’d like to learn from and engage in the cannabis community, help those new to medical cannabis, and to have fun because relief is on the way. I’m optimistic and looking at life through new green tinted glasses

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