I’m a sativa heavy hybrid type of gal

Admittedly, I’ve been pretty horrible at updating/documenting any of all the ginormous changes lately. The medical dispensaries opening right around the holiday’s has been great for the holiday blues but the same holiday blues had me procrastinating any real progress on here. So here, in print, is my promise to do better 2021. In 2020,Continue reading “I’m a sativa heavy hybrid type of gal”

How To Get Your Medical Marijuana License in VA

Hello fellow Virginians! Magandang umaga, good morning. I’ve been struggling with how to start this blog, but I figure it’s best to start from the beginning and before we dive in I just wanted to talk about some judgements. If you’re here I’m assuming you’re interested in medical marijuana and maybe, just like me youContinue reading “How To Get Your Medical Marijuana License in VA”

Mary Jane’s Ride or Die

I was always told “pot will get you no where”, “weeds dangerous”, a “gateway drug” that’s always the downfall in someone’s story. If I told my parents I smoked weed the whole way through college and that I’ve been using it medicinally for the past few years, surely they wouldn’t know how to feel. I’veContinue reading “Mary Jane’s Ride or Die”